Scholarship  Donation 



  Cristina Castro                             Shales McNutt

  Judge John G. Dalton                  Carolyn O'Neil

 Mayor & Mrs Kaptain                  Toya Randall

 Anna Moeller                                 Mark Seigle

Al's Cafe

Brittan's Express Oil DElgin

Clare Ollayos

Corbella Pregnancy Center

Danny' s Pizza

Elgin Park and Recreation
Fox Valley Pregnancy Center
Jimmy Char-House
Mark Schoeborn


Our success in not measured y what we do as an organization.  We could not make any of

this happen without the many blessings received from donations from our local businesses,

private donors, friends, family and community support. 

Sponsors and Donations

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Black Women's Association